Scientific Publications

Title Author Publication Date Links
Radio detection of dark energy − the Tianlai project Chen, Xuelei Scientia Sinica Physica, Mechanica & Astronomica 11/2011 ADS
The Tianlai Project: a 21CM Cosmology Experiment Chen, Xuelei International Journal of Modern Physics: Conference Series 03/2012 ADS   arXiv
Simulations of 21-cm Intensity Mapping Observations of Baryon Acoustic Oscillations Stucky, Thomas; Timbie, P. T.; Project, Tianlai American Astronomical Society, AAS Meeting 01/2014 ADS
Forecasts on the Dark Energy and Primordial Non-Gaussianity Observations with the Tianlai Cylinder Array Xu, Yidong; Wang, Xin; Chen, Xuelei The Astrophysical Journal 01/2015 ADS   arXiv
The Tianlai 21cm intensity mapping experiment Chen, Xuelei IAU General Assembly, Meeting 08/2015 ADS