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The TianLai Project -- A Radio Observation Experiment for Dark Energy

The Tianlai project is an experiment aimed at detecting dark energy by measuring the baryon acoustic oscillation (BAO) features in the large scale structure power spectrum, which can be used as a standard ruler. The basic plan is to build a radio telescope array, and use it to make 21cm intensity mapping observations of the neutral hydrogen which traces out the large scale structure of matter distribution.

Currently, the Tianlai collaboration includes scientists and engineers from China, Canada, France, and USA.

The word “Tianlai” literally means “heavenly sound”, it was coined by the ancient philosopher Zhuangzi (or Chuang Tzu, 369BCE-286BCE) .


Getting started

This wiki is only available for members of TianLai. If you need the member account, please email to our manager(Fengquan Wu)

Telecons and Hacksessions

Data Logs

Data Commentary

Analysis and Software

Dish Antennas and Beam Patterns

Tianlai Dish Array

Cylinder Antennas and Beam Patterns

Presentations and Papers



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